You may have heard of porcelain veneers if you’re dealing with poor-looking teeth. They stand for a treatment that can quickly beautify your smile! However, there’s something you should know about veneers before committing to them. In particular, their placement requires your dentist to remove some of your enamel. That fact can seem problematic at first — you might even fear that veneers would weaken your oral health. Thankfully, you can trust that the treatment is safe. Read on to learn about veneers in Trophy Club, including why and how they remove tooth enamel.

What’s Involved in the Veneer Process?

To place veneers on your teeth, your dentist will have you attend two appointments — a preparation visit and the final placement.

Preparation Visit

As its name implies, the preparation visit is when the dentist ‘prepares’ your teeth for veneers. It starts, first of all, by removing some of your enamel. The dentist will then make a model of your mouth, which is sent to a dental lab where permanent veneers are made.

The Final Placement

You’ll receive your final veneers during the final placement. The appointment also lets your dentist make some final adjustments.

Once the veneers are set on your teeth with special cement, you’ll get to see the results and bring up any remaining concerns.

Why Do Veneers Remove Enamel?

Even if their porcelain looks nice, veneers are only lifelike when some enamel is removed first. Otherwise, they’ll jut out from your teeth, seeming bulky and “fake.” By shaving bits of your teeth’s top layer, your dentist creates space for the veneers to appear natural.

More importantly, removing some enamel helps the final veneers stay in place. In particular, it creates a surface where the ceramic layer can adhere.

How Much Enamel Do Veneers Remove?

Veneers only need a tiny bit of enamel removed. In most cases, dentists only shave off about 0.5 mm. Once that amount is gone, the ceramic can lay flat against your tooth and create a smooth, beautiful surface.

Also, your dentist wants to converse as much of your natural tooth as possible. Enamel doesn’t grow back, so they really don’t want to take much.

Even if veneers in Trophy Club take some of your enamel away, they’re well worth it. That said, talk to your local dental practice to see about future treatment.

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