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Our team members, led by Dr. Alysa Sadkin, do everything they can to ensure children feel safe and at ease while undergoing the specialized care that they need. Call us today to schedule your child’s next dental appointment with us and set them on the path to a lifetime of healthy smiles with our pediatric dentistry in Trophy Club and Las Colinas, TX!

Children’s dental checkups and teeth cleanings

Children should start visiting the dentist regularly by the time their first tooth grows in, or when they turn one – whichever comes first. At that point, we can make sure your little one’s mouth and jaw are developing properly and stop any problems in their tracks as soon as we notice them. Once more of their teeth have emerged, we’ll gradually begin adding cleanings to these appointments to minimize plaque buildup. Above all, we’ll make sure your son or daughter is comfortable every step of the way.

How can I help my child to avoid cavities and dental decay?

Teaching your child good oral hygiene habits from an early age is the best way to avoid cavities and dental decay.

  • Help your child develop strong brushing habits by encouraging her to brush her teeth for two minutes, at least twice a day, with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. 
  • Additionally, ensure that she flosses regularly and uses mouthwash to help kill bacteria and freshen her breath. 
  • It's also important to monitor what she eats; while sugary treats are delicious, they should be limited as they can lead to plaque build-up on the teeth, which can potentially cause cavities and decay.

With these meaningful interventions in place, you'll greatly reduce your child's risk of cavities and promote overall healthy teeth and gums in the long run.

How do I know if my child has a dental abscess?

A dental abscess is an uncomfortable and often painful condition that occurs when pockets of pus and sometimes saliva form in the jawbone. If your child is exhibiting any of the following signs, they may be experiencing a tooth abscess:

  • Continuous throbbing or sharp pain
  • A burning feeling when chewing
  • Red and swollen gums
  • Swelling in their neck or jaw
  • Fever
  • Bitter taste in their mouth
  • Bad breath

It's best to take your child to see a pediatric dentist in Las Colinas or Trophy Club immediately if you think your child may have an abscess as most require professional treatment to resolve the issue quickly and effectively.

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Fluoride treatments

When it comes to helping kids prevent cavities, fluoride is essential. It fortifies tooth enamel so that it can better stand up to plaque acids without succumbing to decay. That’s why this mineral has been added to many sources of drinking water as well as most kinds of toothpaste. To give your child an added boost of protection against cavities, we can apply a topical fluoride varnish to their teeth after their cleaning. This process is quick, and painless, and safeguards their smile for many months to come. 

Dental sealants

As kids are still learning how to care for their smiles, they might have trouble adequately brushing the molars and premolars toward the back of the mouth. These teeth are at particularly high risk for decay because of the grooves on the chewing surfaces that can trap food debris, but dental sealants can help. We simply paint a thin, clear layer of plastic over these surfaces that literally seals out cavity-causing bacteria for up to a decade.

Dental fillings

As hard as we work to prevent cavities in kids, most of them will experience at least one before they reach adulthood. If we need to repair your child’s decayed tooth, we offer tooth-colored fillings as a seamless, conservative treatment. Instead of filling a cavity with a dark metal amalgam, we can color-match a material called composite resin and sculpt it onto the tooth. This provides a healthier, stronger bond with the enamel and blends in with the tooth so that your little one won’t need to worry about their peers noticing their dental work.

Why choose Complete Dentistry in Trophy Club, TX for your child’s dental care?

  • Convenient dental office hours and short wait times
  • In-network with many leading dental insurance plans
  • Patient-focused, relationship-based dental care
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Leading-edge Care for All Ages

Our kid-friendly, beautiful office is equipped with cutting-edge technology and gentle techniques, setting us apart as the premier pediatric dentist in Las Colinas and Trophy Club, TX. We are focused on staying at the leading edge in the latest advancements in dentistry, including treatments for children. Many other offices may be focused on the bottom line, but at Complete Dentistry, we always put people first, and treat patients of all ages with superior service and care.

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