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At Complete Dentistry in Trophy Club TX, we understand the devastating effect losing your teeth can have on your health both mental and physical. Our SmileRenu full-arch restoration procedure gives you a chance to regain your oral health and get back the confidence in your smile. With surgically placed dental implants, our team can provide you with a brand-new set of teeth that looks and functions like those you were born with.

What is full arch reconstruction with SmileRenu?

Full arch reconstruction is a dental procedure that rebuilds an entire set of top or bottom teeth. It involves dental implant placement to hold the replacement teeth in place and can be done using a variety of materials depending on the desired outcome. Full arch reconstruction greatly enhances one's quality of life and ability to chew, talk, and maintain healthy oral hygiene habits in regular daily activities.

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Why choose us for full arch reconstruction?

At our office, we prioritize our guests and make sure they feel comfortable and informed throughout their care journey. Our dentists, Drs. David Crumpton and Alysa Sadkin, have years of experience in full arch reconstruction and dental implantation utilizing the latest cutting-edge technology paired with the latest advancements in dentistry for which they consistently pursue further continuing education. 

We seek to always put people first and provide families with all their dental needs in one place while also enjoying great care accompanied by exceptional service from our team of devoted staff.

We understand that prior to beginning a dental treatment regimen, guests may feel apprehensive; but you can be confident that after visiting us for your full arch restoration, you’ll leave feeling relieved, valued, and educated on how best to maintain your oral health. At our office, we strive to revive oral health allowing guests to achieve an even greater sense of wellness as well as a beautiful smile.

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What is the procedure for a full arch reconstruction?

Complete Dentistry offers a customized SmileRenu full-arch restoration plan to meet each patient's individual needs. Our knowledgeable and experienced surgeons carry out an in-depth oral exam and consultation and 3D scans, so your treatment plan can be tailored toward you. During any procedure, our practice takes care to provide various options for anesthesia and sedation in order to maximize your comfort. 

The first step of the surgery is the removal of remaining teeth within the arch, after which implants are placed using surgical guides custom-made for you. When the procedure is complete, a temporary set of teeth will be fitted. During your recovery period, your implant sites will heal into strong and secure anchors for your implants.

What are the benefits of full arch reconstruction?

  • A full arch reconstruction can provide numerous benefits for those looking to restore their smile and improve their oral health. 
  • Such a treatment offers secure, immediate results that require minimal care and healing time. 
  • This approach can also provide notable bone health benefits (prevent bone loss) while providing the patient a natural-looking outcome, without compromising on quality or longevity.

As such, many people are finding full arch reconstruction a highly satisfying option when it comes to rebuilding their teeth.

What is the recovery for a full arch reconstruction?

The recovery for full arch restoration is typically short and relatively free of discomfort. This surgical procedure generally lasts from two to three hours and will likely require multiple appointments with your oral surgeon.

  • After surgery, patients may experience some minimal pain or swelling that can be managed with over-the-counter medications. 
  • Patients may also be asked to follow a soft food diet for several days in order to ensure proper healing of the implant sites. 
  • Bandages are typically removed after 24 hours and stitches within 5–7 days depending on the patient's individual progress.

Following a full arch restoration, patients can enjoy restored confidence alongside improved oral function with lasting results!

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Am I a candidate for full arch reconstruction?

This treatment option is ideal for patients with significant tooth loss, restoring the overall aesthetic and functionality of both their smile and bite. If you are looking for an effective way to restore your teeth, SmileRenu full-arch restoration may be the solution. This procedure is designed to replace a missing or failing arch of teeth in your upper or lower denture.

To determine if you are a candidate, it is important to determine if most or all of your teeth are missing or failing, if you currently wear removable dentures, and if you are able to have a tooth extraction. By speaking with one of our skilled dentists and learning more about this procedure, you can gain insight into whether SmileRenu full-arch restoration is right for you.

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