Painless Cavity Solutions

At Complete Dentistry, we can resolve cavities with fillings that match your natural tooth color, with a painless, comfortable dental experience. 

What causes cavities?

Cavities develop due to bacteria being lodged on the surface of your teeth or below the gum line. These decayed areas can develop in people of any age, from children to the elderly. At Complete Dentistry in Trophy Club, our dentists can treat the entire family, professionally correcting minor, or more serious and painful areas of tooth decay. Cavities develop due to acids in the mouth eroding the enamel on the tooth surface, allowing bacteria to enter the softer inner structure. Cavities that are left untreated can become very painful and troublesome, leading to a toothache, an infection, with swelling and pain. It is advised to ensure you have a full dental exam every six months to protect your teeth and ensure any areas of decay are treated rapidly – before the condition worsens.

The dental care you deserve starts here.

At Complete Dentistry, we deliver a full range of dental services, all under one roof, at our state-of-the-art, modern, friendly dental clinic.

Treating a cavity starts with a full exam and digital X-rays. Our advanced technologies and professional approach are geared to help you retain as much of your natural tooth structure as possible, with a pain-free, stress-free experience.

The damaged tooth will be fully restored with a tooth colored filling that is both invisible and durable. Our dentists are trained in the most advanced dental treatments, with talent, education, and experience above and beyond what most practitioners offer. Beyond our skills and knowledge, we focus on ensuring every treatment is comfortable, pain-free, and performed with meticulous care and attention. Many dental offices focus on the bottom line and profits, but we focus on our people!

What is the treatment experience?

When you enter our private, beautiful offices, you will be welcomed by our friendly, caring staff. We set appointments so that our patients are left waiting but seen swiftly. After your exam, which typically includes fast, digital X-rays, if a cavity is found, we can treat it immediately. You will be resting comfortably on a treatment chair, and the area numbed, first with a numbing gel, and then with local anesthetic to ensure the experience is comfortable.

Our dentists have mastered the art of making injections less stressful and as painless as possible. Once the area is numbed, the decayed area is meticulously removed to retain as much natural tooth structure as possible, the area cleansed, and a tooth-colored material placed to treat the cavity to restore the damaged tooth.

Every member of our team is warm, caring, and focused on ensuring your comfort throughout the treatment. Once complete, you are free to go about your day as usual, although you may still feel numb until the anesthetic fully wears off.

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Types of fillings

Over the years, several types of filling materials have been developed. At Complete Dentistry, we do not use amalgam for our fillings, as these fillings contain some amount of mercury, and are far less attractive than the materials we believe are both healthier and more attractive. We offer:

Composite fillings

This material is created from a specialist dental plastic and resin, which provide a superior aesthetic outcome, perfectly matching the color of your teeth, virtually invisible once in place. The material bonds to the natural tooth structure, providing long-term results. This material allows us to protect more of the tooth structure, removing only what is necessary, and no more.

Gold fillings

This material is actually an alloy of gold, copper, and some other metals. Some patients prefer gold fillings, as they last longer than any other option. However, for aesthetic reasons, many patients prefer fillings that are entirely invisible, such as composite or porcelain. If gold fillings are placed, they are generally on the back molars to protect against wear from chewing and grinding for the long term.

Glass ionomer

This material may be used for cavities in young children or occurring below the gum line. The product has the advantage of releasing fluoride to protect the teeth from further decay. This material is weaker than the other options, but for treating decayed baby teeth may be ideal.

Ceramic fillings

These fillings are porcelain, and more resistant to staining than composite fillings. We feel that ceramic fillings may be the ideal choice, as they last longer and are very durable, and totally invisible, as the material is colored to match your natural teeth.

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