Since most only have a dental checkup in Trophy Club twice a year, you should probably prepare for your annual visits. You won’t benefit as much from the experience otherwise, nor will your appointment go as smoothly as possible. Besides, being ready is a great way to show your dentist respect for how they’ve taken care of your smile over the years.

To that end, here are four tips for an easy dental checkup. Read about them to make your next appointment a positive experience for yourself and your dentist!

Clean Your Teeth Before Your Appointment

In the hours before your checkup, try to give your teeth a good cleaning with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Doing so reduces the amount of time dental assistants will spend cleaning them. Plus, issues like tartar buildup are easier to address when less debris and food bits are in the way. These are also good reasons not to eat anything before the appointment.

Arrive on Time

Respect your appointment time and arrive when expected. Dental practices operate on busy schedules, so they’ll appreciate your keeping things orderly.

Timely arrival is good for you too. Patients who do so a few minutes before their appointment usually experience less anxiety during their treatments.

Whatever you do, don’t just skip the appointment. Not only will this deprive you of several oral health benefits, like removing stubborn plaque, but it also prevents your dentist from helping other patients achieve healthier, happier smiles. If necessary, just reschedule.

Know Your Budget and Payment Method

You’ll feel less stressed if you know what and how to pay for your checkup beforehand. After all, figuring out your insurance coverage last-minute isn’t a very calming experience.

Before the actual appointment, go over your insurance policy with your dentist and discuss how much of the treatment will be self-paid. Have your payment method prepared ahead of time as well.

Tell Your Dentist About Questions, Concerns and Self-Care

You’ll want to be honest with your dentist about any relevant issues, concerns, and details during the actual checkup. Let your dentist know what to look for and make their job easier by giving them the needed information. Once they make a proper diagnosis, they’ll discuss your treatment options.

Also, be truthful when filling out your dental self-care habits on the dental history form. Some issues can be embarrassing, but it’s best to give the dentist this knowledge.

Follow the above suggestions if you want a quick and effortless dental checkup. Doing so will help your dentist give you a healthy and clean smile!

About the Practice

Complete Dentistry in Trophy Club is based in Trophy Club, TX. Led by Dr. David Crumpton and Alysa Sadkin, the practice offers comprehensive family dentistry. They provide almost every possible dental service in-house, ranging from checkups and cleanings to cosmetic and restorative dentistry.  They’re even equipped to perform emergency dentistry and sleep apnea therapy. For more information or to schedule an appointment, the practice’s team can be reached at their website or by phone at (817)-813-6979.

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