While dental veneers are durable and enduring, that doesn’t mean they last forever. Even with the best care, these porcelain layers only work for about twenty years. That said, you’ll want to switch them out on schedule so your smile stays beautiful. However, what if you don’t know when to do so? After all, replacing veneers in Trophy Club isn’t always straightforward. Well, your local dentist is here to help. Read on to learn four signs that show it’s time for you to get new dental veneers.

Your Veneers are Rough Around the Edges

Just as natural teeth do, veneers experience wear and tear with use. They’ll weather from contact with foods, drinks, and other debris as you eat or chew.

This “wearing out” process can make veneers rough and distorted over time. It can also cause the porcelain material to experience cracks and chips. Your veneers may need replacement if you feel rough edges when running your tongue over them.

Stains Won’t Lift from Them

Though normally resistant, veneers can get stained like regular teeth. Drinks like coffee, cola, and red wine have dark pigments that sometimes stick to them. Certain berries can do the same as well.

Veneer stains can usually be removed by brushing them. Unfortunately, though, there may come the point when that no longer works. Since veneers can’t be whitened or bleached like natural teeth, you would then need to replace them.

They’re Getting Darker

As it turns out, the dental cement used to bond veneers darkens over time. Furthermore, you may notice this darkening through the porcelain layer. Even as the ceramic stays white, its underlying cement can thus ruin your smile.

Though this technically isn’t a veneer problem, there’s no way to lighten dental cement once it darkens. As a result, your only choice for solving the issue is to remove the porcelain and cement altogether. From there, a dentist can apply a new veneer to your tooth.

They’re Separating from Your Mouth

While veneers are decay-resistant, the same can’t be said for teeth and gums. If you experience cavities or enamel loss, the ceramic layers might begin separating from their attached teeth. Likewise, gum recession could create a gap between your veneers and the surrounding pink tissue. In such cases, the best approach would be to switch out your old treatment for a newer one.

While veneers don’t last a lifetime, you can delay their replacement by practicing good oral care. Talk to your local dentist to learn helpful dental hygiene tips!

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